composite decking slippery when wet

half-life 2

at the 2 slippery ramps grab a tire move to the left side of the ramp and toss the tire at the left most tongue. slide down against the left wall of the ramp turn left and jump off the side of each ramp. sprint to the xp; open it as the chopper salvo ends then sprint left to the ep. next is the refugee depot grab and take the 2 ebs with you. approach and grab barrel 1 hold it low then

alcatraz vs master chief

it's not like the rifle magically loses its wet noodle barrel with haphazard rifling when mc picks it up. it's just as much of an inaccurate bullet hose as before all it has is a steadier firing

covenant elite vs. predator

the deck slippery with blood. finally he twisted the elite to the right and launched a powerful open-handed strike into the alien's wounded cest. the elite howled in pain and flew back through

disgaea 3: absence of justice

deck brush: "an ancient treasure of the janitors." magic hand: "please read instructions carefully." - magic tricks usually involve some kind of instructions to be read before you can execute them well. sign: "caution slippery when wet." tennis racket: "coach i can still do it." - typical line. something you'd expect out of prince of tennis from a character who seems to have reached their

the legend of zelda: the wind waker faq/walkthrough for

the legend of zelda: the wind waker this guide was written contributed and copyrighted by me known here as lighterfluid6. don't plagiarize or use this guide giving yourself credit.

dai-2-ji super robot taisen z hakai-hen

crow finds them rather a "dry" lot though "wet" emotions aren't often a good thing on the battlefield. sumeragi comes over at this point telling allelujah that liumei has left for a bit of info gathering in area 11. seems some sort of unrest is at work there but the cbs won't be heading there just now. instead she's sending the team to ezemestan a small central asian nation propped up by

round 1: hulkage vs dedmanwalkin voting open

he can breath underwater and doesn't even get wet unless he wants to. he can manipulate the air molecules underwater to allow his friends to submerge. he can even create constructs and change the