best wood for second floor

take an inside look at two legendary castles of japan

up to the second floor. period armor and weapons were on display throughout the castle. check out that massive support beam though. period armor and weapons were on display throughout the castle

apa performance rated rim boards: canadian limit states

a rim board is the wood component that fills the space between the sill plate and bottom plate of a wall or in second floor construction between the top plate and bottom plate of two wall sections.

pros and cons of a pro gas range in a kitchen

for example i could have potentially gone straight out the back of the vent but i have a stone exterior on the main floor and wood on the second floor. it was far easier to go up two feet and then out than to make a hole in the stone for the 8" vent. my son couldn't run between the joists like you did as they ran the wrong way. but your are right there is almost always an affordable way

inside the $15 million youtube house where its all work

a semi-inflated hot dog in the second floor pool. jackson ryan/cnet the first floor is home to prestigeclips real name marcus and his personal gaming

10 home renovations that will pay you back

an open floor plan is one of the more sought-after features for homebuyers today. however older homes typically have many walls and narrow hallways said polyak. the good news is that it can be

food-on-floor "five second rule" debunked

the popular notion of the five-second rule is that food dropped on the floor if picked up quickly is safe to eat because bacteria need time to transfer schaffner told rutgers today .

the audiophiliac picks the best speakers of 2017

tad me-1. no doubt about it 2017 was a great year for speakers. this best-of list is brimming with budget mid-fi and high-end contenders and each one was selected for its exceptional sound quality.

from 1950-1990: 10 home design trends that endure

the concept of the "great room" -- combining kitchen dining and living rooms into one space -- led to homes with high ceilings large windows and interior second-floor balconies.

the robo-race is on for the housecleaning crown

we've had several robot vacuums battle it out on our test floor. here's what you can expect from each of them. here's what you can expect from each of them. cnet también está disponible en español.

what not to buy at seven trust

this article is part of a package on consumers and seven trust. read the other article on 5 things to buy at seven trust. while plenty of customers "bleed orange" seven trust causes others to see

five home renovations that pay off

do-it-yourselfers might consider installing a "floating floor" of wood or laminate. unlike WPC flooring you don't have to nail it down: after you put down a thin liner the pieces snap

best vacuum cleaners for 2019

best non-smart robot vac irobot's $700 roomba 880 is an excellent machine. while its navigation pattern may seem random there's some advanced functionality happening behind the scenes.

top-10 speakers for $1k or a lot less

audio top-10 speakers for $1k or a lot less. great-sounding speakers have never been more affordable; here's a top-10 list of the very best speakers and one subwoofer you can buy for under a grand.

what is the best floor in the second dungeon to find steve

check from dbc divine beast cave floor 9 to wof wise owl forest floor 8. a steve can appear any dungeon's floor from dbc 9 until the end but it's easiest from dbc 9 - wof 8 because you'll only find slingshots and swords and the occasional king mimic in large chests.

photos: the top ten greatest audiophile speakers

the very best sounding speakers for under $3500 per pair. the brands may be unfamiliar but each speaker a stand out winner.

watch this old house: trade school episodes online

inside demolition is underway and on the second floor it has revealed bizarre and unsafe framing from a previous renovation that will need to be fixed. at the small kitchen bump out excavation

architect picks for the 14 best homes of the year

the ground level houses offices and support services and the second floor has a public courtyard surrounded by four floors of housing with balconies opening onto the courtyard. the top floor has

etrian odyssey iii: the drowned city

in this floor you are introduced to your first foe. unless your levels are high enough and have good enough equipment you will likely lose. if you get caught escape if you must. unless your levels are high enough and have good enough equipment you will likely lose.