how do i convert under my deck to waterproof storage

microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent the cardboard

gaming microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent the cardboard box. the xbox adaptive controller is one of the most forward-thinking microsoft products in years.

how do i keep video quality when transferring tape

so your argument to say you "can't do anything with your hi8 tapes isn't standing up - you can very easily. you are unwilling to do so. i guess it is the same with minidv tape - the thing is

apple's iphone x tries to reinvent the phone again

the iphone isn't just the single most successful phone in the world. the technologies apple adopts and the ideas it builds into the phone set the tone for the entire tech industry.

how best to arhive minidv videos

how best to arhive minidv videos by skylark157 maybe not just convert these videos so as to keep my current quality but reduce the size. 2.what program is best/cheapest to get this done i

tvs and home theaters forum

tvs and home theaters tvs and home theaters cnet's forum on home audio video and tvs is the best source for finding help troubleshooting or buying advice from a community of experts.

unable to export project from imovie

unable to export project from imovie can you get part of your project out to the camcorder or deck - and do that small pieces 20 minutes of so at a time rather than the entire project

apple ipad pro macbook air get some iphone x magic but

tablets apple ipad pro macbook air get some iphone x magic but challenges remain. apple gives its ipads and its macbook air a makeover in a bid to get you to take them more seriously.

apple watch 4 wish list: these key changes could put it

an always-on watch face. with better battery and more efficient processors there could be a way to keep the watch face on all the time. samsung and google wear os can already do this.

ai chips soon will power pcs cars security cameras and

in drones ai will mean better abilities to avoid obstacles in flight or to track a moving subject -- for example following you down a ski slope so you can take your action video to the next level.

amazon key: shipping to your doorstep is so 2016

amazon wants to get even closer to its customers. the world's largest e-commerce company on wednesday revealed a new shipping service that lets customers receive packages inside their homes.

do you need a digital detox?

what started with my wife and me looking for an escape from digital overload has completely changed the way we take vacations. i'd been pulling all-nighters. endless calls with my colleagues made

problems with powerpoint outline

problems with powerpoint outline by surtitler what is this and how do i convert the slides so that the text appears in the outline? i'm hoping for an answer that doesn't involve retyping 150