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thermory's beautiful benchmark white ash decking offers 25 years of rot resistance and unequalled durability. browse our product

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you do have an alternative: our ecodeck wood deck and railing system. ecodeck deck and railing components are shaped and cut from our ecoprem wood. this is domestically sourced renewable natural yellow pine that's thermally modified with heat and steam to create lumber that's? highly weather-resistant; resistant to insects mold rot and decay

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products siding thermally modified siding the cambia thermal modification process uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere that improves the durability and decay resistance of the wood. cambia no longer contains sufficient nutrients to support insect infestation or fungal attack.

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thermory is the union of science and design. thermally modified real wood products with unequalled durability and stunning beauty. click to learn more

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thermally modified vs. mahogany decking part 1. these days our gardens and outdoor spaces are as much of a part of our houses as the interior. we want to create outdoor areas which we can enjoy during the warmer months and that often means opting for high quality decking.

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because the thermally modified wood has a low moisture absorption penetration and drying time of the glue is increased. screwing: heat treatment reduces the splitting strength of the wood.

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most thermally modified decking is now prefinished and sealed prior to delivery. according to mckay the surface weathering didnt impact the structural integrity of the decking; in fact the boards showed no signs of decay checking or movement. but after being pressure-washed sanded and refinished the boards quickly turned gray again.

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this trial was put in place in december 2013 to test thermally modified eucalyptus regnans as outdoor decking timber.. WPC decking is in high demand traditionally supplied as tropical rainforest timbers such as kwila teak and jarrah.

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manufacturing of thermally modified wood. a wide range of natural wood species. articles with improved durability the best deals for our customers.

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re: thermally modified decking thermally modified wood is a natural wood product with superior quality. it is 100% natural and contains no chemicals poisons plastics or other man made products.

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thermally modified lumber. thermoarena can supply big range of sizes softwood and WPC thermally modified lumber. in our production softwoods redwood and whitewood we use mainly from finnish pefc-certified sawmills. all lumber is sorted according our specific and strict requirements. WPCs we get from our american and eu suppliers.

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maker of thermally modified ecoprem wood products overcome natural wood?s susceptibility to deterioration; offers an alternative that?s sourced from sustainable forests has zero toxicity provides dimensional stability is remarkably durable comes with a long-term warranty ? as near-perfect a material as possible from a natural source.

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i can get thermally modified poplar in the "rough" at my supplier and they would most likely mill it to decking board size for me. they can get syp and it is specifically made for decks. but i am still unsure about using syp thermally modified lumber. i can also get "rough" ash in thermally modified from them.

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bing thermally modified poplar decking. chemical-free weather resistance to beautify your outdoor area. bing thermally modified poplar siding. enhanced weather resistance with an exotic flair. bing thermally modified ash decking. an expression of natural beauty and environmental stewardship.

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what can thermally modified wood be used for? since thermally modified wood does not absorb or hold moisture as it would prior to treatment species that typically do not perform well in outdoor or wet environments can now be used in a variety of applications such as decking siding or flooring.

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there are a range of widths and profiles with the possibility to apply visible and invisible screwing and fixation systems. oiling is optional. if left untreated thermally modified wood will naturally turn to silver-grey. the thermory range includes decking quick deck modules and wood underconstruction. high levels of durability ash class i; pine class ii have been achieved by intense-modification which results in an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical WPCs

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thermally modified wood is also good at taking on stains but perhaps not quite as effectively as mahogany. this type of wood has a natural chocolate shade which suits most types of decking. this needs to be sealed against uv rays.

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thermally modified decking rosario ungaro heat-treated northern ash arrives on the jobsite with a brown color but will turn silver gray just a short time after installation if not protected with an oil-based uv-protectant finish.

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re: thermally modified decking the thermaly modified topic is a good one.i have samples of the syp out testing behind my shop. this product comes with a coat of finish onetime i think anyway the thicker lumber seems to crack/split less.

thermal modification bingaman lumber appalachian

enhancing the versatility of our native pennsylvania WPCs high-temperature thermal modification transforms the wood to a striking exotic brown adding high weather resistance and stability for outdoor applications. apply a uv protectant to maintain the color or do nothing and let it naturalize to a silver patina.

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re: thermally modified decking too good to be true. it is cooked wood. perfectly dry however all the sap is burned up in the process which makes it soak up moisture and deteriorate quickly. we tested it and it failed in 1 year. it is akin to turning pine into poplar.

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thermally modified wood for use in musical instruments. when you thermally modify wood the mechanical and acoustical properties of the wood are altered. due to this there is a new industry emerging in the musical instrument manufacturing business utilizing thermally modified wood.

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thermally modified timber is a beautiful alternative to regular tropical WPC and treated timber decking. our chemical-free thermally modified boards can be supplied plain or with anti-slip inserts and therefore ideal for a wide range of public and domestic applications.

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re: thermally modified wood decking???? ther are other processes that acheive the same goal bu "pickling" the wood with chemical found in vinegar that changes the surface structure where it no longer absorbs water. the science sounds promising but lets see if it lives up to the hype and the consumers go for it


awco thermally modified timber tmt is domestically-sourced and sustainably harvested wood which undergoes a value-added thermal modification process. the result is high-quality performance-driven timber which sustains the natural beauty and design element of wood.

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the thermal modification process gives wood a rich chocolate brown color allowing expensive tropical WPCs to be replaced by more environmentally conscious species without sacrificing on appearance. decay resistant. pakari thermally modified wood no longer contains sufficient nutrients to support insect infestation or fungal attack.


purewood thermally modified wood decking begins as natural renewable lumber. then it undergoes a unique heat-based chemical-free process that changes compounds in the wood. then purewood is further enhanced with a factory-applied sealant specifically designed for thermally modified wood.

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thermally modified lumber is a green alternative to tropical WPCs and pressure treated lumber for exterior uses and is an beautiful product to use in other applications where stability and durability are key variables.

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distribution: same as for ash. general characteristics:thermally modified ash is produced by the thermo-treatment process. when complete the process carmelizes the sugars in the wood which gives the ash a light brown appearance all the way through the wood. the process also allows the ash to become more water resistant and decay resistant.

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thermally modified decking. americana is a new generation of thermally modified pennsylvania WPC decking cladding and porch flooring transformed by heat and steam for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces. if youre considering thermally modified wood decking youre probably looking for real wood. thats good. wood grows back.

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residential uses of thermally modified wood siding and decking. houses around the world are incorporating the beauty of green architecture and design with eye-catching modified wood as exterior decking and cladding. rustic modern exteriors have become popular artfully blending natural wood with other materials like glass and metal.

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cambia thermally modified ash frames this beautiful interior. cambia thermally modified poplar creates a stunning exterior. siding soffits and trim come to life with cambias thermally modified poplar. cambia thermally modified poplar siding brings the beauty of wood to this magnificent exterior.

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thermally modified lumber ecovantage thermally modified wood. deck boards 1 btr yellow pine. staytru select framing. everywhere you look you will see new enhanced decking and railing products. from pressure treated wood which is still the lowest cost stepping up next to thermally modified

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re: thermally modified wood decking???? we actually took a 24" long board 5" by 1.25" decking board and ripped it so we had a piece 24" by 5" by 1/4" to see and rememer it is syp. i keep getting laughed at when i say it is flat as a board but it is.

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thermory ash and pine decking is available in 20mm and 26mm thicknesses. there are a range of widths and profiles with the possibility to apply visible and invisible screwing and fixation systems. oiling is optional. if left untreated thermally modified wood will naturally turn to silver-grey.